"Freshmen World" OLD ME! Volume 2

by Monte SS

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The second installment of the Freshmen World series.In this volume with more time and more support Monte puts together a collections of songs that really capture Monte's life. Where he's been, where he's at and where he is trying to go.Be on the look out for Monte SS next album "Freshmen World"


released August 1, 2011


all rights reserved



Monte SS Detroit, Michigan

Throughout the years, Monte has collaborated/partner with numerous artist and "groups". However, at this point in time Monte felt it was time to begin building for a solo career along with establishing a brand/name.

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Track Name: Monte Right Above it

They told me to loop(Lupe) my fiasco/ but I'ma Rascal Alfalfa vandal/ Open the game like toes off of sandals/ No glove no love...too hot to handle/ Once I was smitten by all the glorious visions/ the crowd roaring and trippin/ I'm telling my life good riddance/ I'm sippin twisted by visions of niggas that wouldn't listen/ not having a pot to piss in/ ta picking a pot a pissing/ With no distance and getting lifted/ got hamiltons leading to a new vision/ Like the pistons number one contender but the loser's just the first person that no one can remember..I'ma Winner!/

Tell me how ya love it Ya know we at the top when all the heavens right above it/
We On!/
I't young Monte Muthafucka, if ya ain't runnin wit us run from us muthafucka!/
Have somebody throw some money in the b*tch, and I got my bees wit me like some honey in this bit/ ya DIG!!!
I got my gun in Yo boo purse and I dont' buss back cuz She shoot first!


I be the first one dead and the last one breating/ seeing me's like watching the ocean floor steaming/ Being me's like captain kirk please BEAM ME!/ Winter time rockin shorts like it's no freezing/ Women used to say Monte double can't afford me/ till I switched dimensions and I spit it in 4D/ In the mirror standing solo look like I be 4 deep/ Guaranteed to make the cut J .(dot) Vorhees/ I ain't no babe in the woods I'ma thug in the city/ Where I'm from snakes catch slugs homie ya get me/ I ain't saying I'm the best though/ Happen to be the latest...laying down the greatest best flow.

Track Name: Gone Wit Tha Wind

Ask the burbanites at the hot topic while you shoppin if Monte $$ (Double Dollar) on they playlist/ If they say no tell em they better get on board quick/ cuz this ships about ta set sail/ check my mast get some wind, let the Journey Begin/

I'm gone with the wind/ Free...
Like I never been/ Didn't know when I just knew it was a Win/
I'm gone with the Wind/ Free
Like I never been/ Didn't know when I just knew it was a Win/ I'm gone with tha Wind

It's too late I spread my wings and lift off/ I ain't never looking back I'm gone so what you think of that/ All ya Snide remarks, I realize they were Asinine/ So while I'm all up in the sky/ Pucker up and kiss this Ass of mine/ I feel like Clark Kents first change out the phone booth/ or Slick Rick first time he ever licked his Gold tooth/ I'm unstoppable, unmoveable a Juggernaut/ And everyday's a bra snappin celebration MARDI GRAS!!!/



Captain Ahab, but I ain't spearing no whale/ yall full of Twisters and large Bull some Tall Tales/ Talk Slick and jump stupid, I'm watching homie/ Too closed to really know me, some would say I'm fake and phony/ But it's cool though they still jockin my school clothes/ Backpack and pen game, notebook and protractor/ I see your angles so a..cute...wait no homo/ Or Derulo cuz that N*ggas Gay let's get it Straight/



I keep falling down, D Wade Rookie year/ They spit a verse and hear "Norm!" like this was cheers/ I been armed tight, rookie of the year/ Yo ladies best friend umm Kays or Debeers/ That's 4ever, know 2much 2 clever/ 2 shades from feathers during 2 hot weather/ Love the breeze puts me at ease when I'm to Intense/ But when the fan picks up then...I'm gone with tha Wind!/

Track Name: Monte SS feat Nino Ro$$ie - Doin My Thang
Nino Ro$$ie

Yeah, I cold as Polar bear P*ssy/ Still Gutta Homie don't push me/ Just give me a loosey I'm all about a dollar/ they say that's where the root be/ and I'm still bout ta cop me them new sneaks/ Then hit the bar wit bout 2 freaks/ Yeah me and my crew deep/ Coolest Muthafuckas on 2 feet stompin/ them box head hating squares/ they want nothing, see what I'm talkin naw I ain't bluffin/ The way the paint drip whip is disgusting/ You seen it my sh*ts hot dog interior mustard/ Ya girl she a freak on my colonel for kustard/ Sucka loving her and you know you don't trust her/ Naw homie don't call on me/ You don't want no problems G/ Contractual killers with me they'll get you for the free/ Now baby gawn roll this weed/ everything is on me/ relax let ya hair down shorty rely on nin/

I'm just doin my thang/ I gotta stay Fly shop at a mall in the sky/ I
I'm just doin my thang/ When you see me not on tv say that he be on some other shyt/
I'm just doin my thang/ I gotta stay fly shop at a mall in the sky/ I
I'm just doin my thang, Just doin, just doin, just doin my thang/

Monte $$

I'm making money spending money doin what I gotta do/ Stunting on these haters when they hating seems so logical/ They dick riders switching up like prostitutes/ But they on my head, never that I promise you/ They ain't even close, that ain't even possible/ Face down in the dirt couldn't touch a follicle/ A hair folical hear these fake philosophers/ Even on twitter man they still a bunch of followers/ But I dont sweat em cuz they ain't no work out/ I pull up in a chevy kill the noise let girls out/ I pull up to the umm whatever man shut it down/ Everybody point and staring everytime I come around/ You know it's bout to be a banger when you hear the sound/ Beat got Rabies so you know I'm bout to put it down/ Bout to kill it man put it out it's misery/ and I'ma keep doing me until my name's in history/ What


Monte $$

Turn me all the way up in the club/ You know Monte goes hard he doin his damn thug...thizzle/ Poppin on the scene without a pistol/ I know they want me in the Big leagues I'm kinda IZZO/ Go Green/ Go White/ I really dwarf the competition...Snow White/ I worked hard never worked soft right/ Would of worked them both but I ain't have the time to moonlight/ Real n*ggas know exactly what I be about/ And fake N*ggas I'm exactly what you read about/ You choking up the game wait till we weed you out/ Lady Justice blind even she wants to see you out/ So let me at em/ I'm up and AT em/ They're small time they ain't even up to ATOMS/ So when I split em it's no commotion/ this a revolution, nicca I'm so revolting/
Track Name: Dream
Funny today feels like yesterday/ and I'm just trrying to see another day/ It's sunny but I pray for clouds to turn gray/ so that way, I know I made it to another day/ What's in my past a bunch of users/ b*tches turned cougars/ wait that's my future/ anyone can rap yeah keep telling me that/ Well where the hell you at monte?/ What's holding you back/ Some say I got too much responsibility/ AND I should sacrifice family time for this industry/ MAN yall killing me, yall don't know pain/ don't know hunger...damn well ain't got shame/ I know all three got All on my shoulders/ Danielle over shoulders so the angels looking over/ Everyday more stress dog I'm looking older/ Feel like f*ck exercise my days over/ After 49 hours I'ma take a break/ hennessey, PS3, and some damn stake N shake/ and that's killing me but it makes me feel great/ and I know my girl wants me to see 28/ real talk I don't know if I DO/ let my rap career slip away that's side news/ focus on being a husband and a father/ two words I never thought I'd say/ I DO, but I did now I'm here and it's conflict/ Can't hustle can't save for shit/ What the F*ck is this?!!/ She say she support me, say she's on my team/ but everyday Being a Star becomes a bigger Dream/ YALL/ and I become a bigger dreamer/ Money getting tighter so I grow a little Leaner/ Pops seen the changes all in my demeanor/ Then I start remembering when I aint see him/ Then it's like I hate seeing him/ Then he calls look at the phone I can't speak to him/ It's not his fault, because it's still love/ But I'm a little stressed and I'm really f*cked up/ Everyday I see death even in a brush, and when I tip that bottle up I can feel his nudge/ I'm thinking to myself, " What have I become a part of?"/ Looking in the mirror and I'm staring at my father/ Is that why it's hard to Live and Let go/ cuz when He left I still see him in myself/ Or at least what he gave me/ at this point the beat drops and I go Crazy!/ The engineers and the spectators hype it up/ but it is not a hit/ I leave without a cent/ I drive to my crib Banging me half bent/ wifey's sleep right by my pops ashes/ gargle hoping she stays sleeep so it's no clashing/ how I put so MUTHAFUCKIN much Pain in my Passion/ Every verse another scream/ and now I lay myself down to sleep and I pray for a dream/
Track Name: If U a Thug(D Boyz)
This is for my D boyz/ If you a Thug put your hands high/
Naw we don't dance, but we muggin rockin side to side/
For my D boyz/ Tinted out and we ride high/
Drinking smoking all day all night/

If you ever took ya shorty to the spot/ before you got her panties off you raided by the cops/ but you already hid the stash/ pay bond and get back to the cash/ Fell off a little, but after a couple yams/ couple taps of the hand/ you right back to where you stand/ Hit or miss game and you swinging for the stands/ peep shorty all over ya swag/ She a fan, since you into dark gawn head take a stab/ something smells fishy put her weave in your lap/ End of the day on the block stands a man/ Recognize real...Legends made from tall tales/ This a strange world aquatic with sharks and fish scales/ And if you living it your honestly a business man/ Clientele and fiend....well the sound like synonmys/



Drinking smoking, My block posted/ Narc van drive by think they noticed/ I'm off that kush and Henny Potent/ Eyes straight Red, but I'm so focused/ Throw away tucked i'm pistol toting/ In between me and my cash/ BLast No emotion/ Ain't no sleep in grind, ain't no lack in mine 24/7 open/ Don't knock the HUSTLE if you ain't on yours we take your portion/ With no hesitation, or reservation/ Take competition out the picture/ they ain't even ancient/ See em tatted up and gritting they teeth/but ay chief all that Peacocking don't impress me/ Soft hearts get ate out here/ We aim headlights at these doe eyed deers/ What's in a mind you have no idea/ if you don't like it let's get shit clear here/


Show love one time if you heard this on the block/ put ya tools up if ya pistol cocked/ They talk big but we do it round here/ grew up seeing beamers n vettes ain't nothing new around here/ Round here you the man when you cash out/ Blow a rack at the bar saying, " #KnowwhatImtalkinbout"/ Cops ya worst enemy barriers to entry/ white girls your asset, Mainly cuz she intrigued/ Whip cross state lines they don't think yall in league/ Till you get your name tatted, rockin different color weave/ Then the heats on and it's time to get a new chick/ Make moves quick flip, get out before you get flicked/ Seperation from the work mindset of a hustler/ Hit the block get to work, mindset of a youngster/ Phone calls no touches yeah that's when you made it/ Get in GET OUT, but ain't no leaving for them MADE MEN!/

Track Name: Monte SS feat Coda - 2 Day Work Week

I ain't playin man this is what I do/ You eat rhymes I spice up the track this is Thai food/ it take a loose chick to say your verse is tight dude/ Told her she need Mavis Beacon to F*ck with my Type (OOOoohhhh)/ Told her to meet a preacher if she thinkin you nice/ Told her I ain't a deacon why you offering twice/ BBM blowing up they saying that they feeling me/ And facebook suggestions for these wack niccas killing me/ I'm on top of my Wendy Robinson Tia Mowry/ That's my Game who said that Three's crowded/ open your mouth if you feel like F*CK the World!/ F*ck politicians and Niccas that ain't F*ckin girls/ Niccas Run campaigns Run for office/ Same dude in the hood be Running to the cops man/ If my manager talking shit making me furious/ It's cool cuz my Dicks Bigger and His girl's Curious/

I need a two day work week/ a bad bitch that cook and don't speak/
I need tints and 24's/ 15's banging my lows/ and everybody to bump me/
(Repeat 1)


5 outta 7 I'm blowing Kush to the melon/ The other two days of the week I'm milking the game for cheddar/ Its Coda man baby who you know can do it better/ Flow hot/ left the track froze somebody grab a sweater/ Need tints 24's/ A chick and somewhere to go/ i'm from where the weather cold/ Al Wissam Timbo's / Dodgin the 10-4's I keep my hustle consistent/ keep my fitted low/ hard to get my description/ So when I get to aiming/ you better stay out my vision/ everybody's a victim of circumstance on this mission/ I'ma be hiding bodies yo body is gonna be missing/ when they ask Monday thru Friday I was gone fishing/ saturday and sunday I put in work/ you only get back what yo ass put in first/ I need bitches to clap ass/ niggas to stomp feet/ everybody go crazy whenever they bump me/


Monte $$

I need a month long bar-b-q/ I got Tony Stark wit and determination of GOKU/ Todd Smith affect cuz Ladies Love/ I feel like a Genie cuz they wish after we touch/ They say dreams come true wishing on a Star/ Blast of to other planets listening to Bruno Mars/ They got nothing on ya/ Love ya with nothing on ya/ no clothes no masquera lipstick or toner/ I hate magazines promoting skinny ugly chicks/ all that make-up they more made up than politics/ Kim Kardashian feature flick my one wish/ Actually a live performance if you with it miss/ Give me a swish Pacino give me a scent/ of a woman that Loves rappers/ Credit score 690ish/ I really need yall to say that yall heard of me/ And when I drop Freshmen World.....PURCHASE PLEASE
Track Name: My...Life

Lazy ass hustlers/ Half ass rappers/ part time gangsters naw you ain't sayin nuthin/ U ain't workin hard, you ain't being a daddy/ Changing diapers writing rhymes in yo head on the daily/ You got performances at different clubs/ exchanging drugs with partial thugs/ Hit the lab and take shots till you throwing up/ 7 cd's on all 80 songs you were blowed and buzzed/ I got two mixtapes and one LP/ I was healthy/ Running two miles a day/ training outside in the rain/ Just to get my spit up/ so focused was my spirit/ Dropped and got no recognition still I didn't give up/ Step back re-evaluation, research, rehearse, re-work, liquor re-Gergitation/ I ain't saying I was perfect on my vices I'm still working/ I admit to stage fright so I lean on liquid courage/ even when the well's dry man I'll never be discouraged/ I've fallen heavily Denzell, Alicia Keys/ but I grabbed my own collar and drug myself to my knees/ I grabbed my ribcage and elevated to my feet/ then I threw my shoulders back and picked my chin up/ I'm back to me/ and everyday's rougher than VH1 reality or A&E tragedies neighbors kids be asking me like/ dude what happened you the truth, you still be rapping/ and I bullshit cuz I got no cd for him when he asking but/ I still got bars though/ I still write songs though/ Still got unanswered questions/ feeling like Geraldo/ Still on my grizzie cuz yall Bearly getting Grizzly/ Never seen the UK but this Rascal leave em Dizzy/ Speed balling man means my fans be oh so tipsy/ I'm growing out a mohawk cuz I plan to run my city/ Relevant or not/ stay in a steady state of shock/ old testament with the right staff you can herd a flock/ and I'm working on my team/ the monte family regime/ so far it's the Launchroom till the f*ckin death of me/ and the biggest trial/ is to see who stays the truest/ I hit the hood linked up with Coda got Deeprooted/ I'm chilling wit david puffing about Trey Grams/ B Will brought PR and Schoolboy holding the Cam/ I'm still looking for a New Day/ I had to part with Hooks/ found myself in midland with Parks and K Spade/ Its still love Uncle Randy your audio's magic/ Whaddup seven, whaddup Nailz what happened was tragic/ through it all Wok, Corey Guns, Amerie, Jeter, Al 1, and Nin/ dog we still family/ and it all made me better so I say Se la Vi/ this time I'm going all out cuz this one's all on me
Track Name: Detroit Shit
We on dat Detroit Sh*t/ hanging out the whip/ In a cutty or a vic/ On the Road to Getting rich/
Since I'm bout my paper/ Flossin yiers (cartiers) and Rockin Gators/ Everywhere I go I'm reppin the D/
Holla @ Me!
(Repeat 1)


We on dat Detroit shit/ Niccas say we on that Killa shit/ Say we on that Hating shit/ They say that we ain't making it/ But I retaliate my broads they carry weight/ Spend bread to build the city/ Coppin Prada, Gucci, Fendi/ Gators for them haters to stare and get jealous/ Everything got a name Carti chains/ Perry Ellis/ On them old heads hustling/ feathers be ruffling/ Birds Migrate to the state with them Lakes/ and we move it at a fast pace/ City life fast paced/ Fuck a Phantom pushin old schools in a drag race/ Chillin downtown till the cops come round/ they shut down the isle/ then we go flood the mile or/ hit coney isle/ or find a after hours/ find a chick for sweaty sex to forget to call tomorrow/ I/ do my dirt dolo/ backseat of a rental/ plus my PLAN B so CONFIDENTIAL!!!!


Hoodstar/ look at me I'm getting noticed/ Pushing whips like they floating man/ I should slow it man/ In the fast lane trying to reload again/ Its a long road winding I need something/ Switching my addiction for this friction's/ gonna cause my ending/ NIcca Listen/ Struggles build bridges over yall puddles/ Rainy days outside but ya boys uncovered/ Discoverd them words to the wise/ Clean money off of music or Sunday tithes/ get money or get gone the only advice/ no bread then its no value in your life/ niccas stay high cuz economy's down/ And you can get whatever nicca just ask round/ different handshakes on each side of town/ Love and drugs look around/ niccas holding them pounds/

Track Name: Credit Card

Black shades, black jeans, black tims bro/ Blue and white Tee, black jacket white Trim bro/ Yo mental is all about a bimbo/ My vision stratosphere/ even though my hat brim low/ Moving where the wind blow/ me my gun and kinfolk/ go hard in the paint, but never lay-up always triple/ Clean cut after shave/ girl half black and japanese/ when she with me she afraid/ cuz my hair Tsunami wave/ PTS that's post trauma/ I forewarned ya/ The world's ours all four corners that blow ganja/ cuz we got supply they got demand we on demand/ we technologically advanced/ we slanging that broadband/ I woulda picked a gang/ but I look good in Red and Blue fam/ catch me in Red Lobster and I'm slobbing over all the Crabs/

Credit card
(repeat 2)
Mama need a house/ yeah I need some shoes/ them jordans them adidas yeah them'll do/ Yeah I'm at the mall but baby I ain't thinking bout you/ I'm bout to show these niccas/ what that damn plastic do/

I'm on that Black n Yellow/ rosey bezzle/ pumping base and blowing treble/ hot as hell in the desert/ Arizona Sun Devil/ but I'm from Michigan/ spent my winters mittenless/ Handsfree killin written shit/ with my frost bitten spit/ Dress cold never frostbit/ got cake fuck the frosting/ see I'm on the hit or miss/ a couple shots I'll hit your miss/ put her lips to dick only time we ever talking Kiss/ and I'm toting heavy metal if you really wanna KISS/ Metal to your back exhausted then pipe it up/ what I spit'll make wesly snipes have to lighten up/ oh them yo best flows/ guess that you ain't writing much/ how I got screws loose and you need to tighten up?!/

Track Name: Monte SS feat Nino Ro$$ie & Aaron Jamar - So Weak
Hook:(aaron Jamar)
This is my story/ Lord knows I been so weak
Just look at what I been through/ all the things I lived through/
If I did it then you can to/

V1 (monte $$)

I was born in prophesized garments/ swaddling clothing two family flat/ Pinehurst...Fenkell where the heads be at/ asking for two's and fews/ what kind of bread be that/ I ain't sure/ problems from the ceiling to the basement floor/ shaking sure, alcohol broken home/breaking doors/ shaking more/ taking more/ verbal slurs/ gotta endure/ hurting more/ no more father figure/ 7 mile still there/ Mr. Ike on the corner got words of wisdom/ fine phillys we kiss them/ split them/ light em up and spliff them/ and peacemakers been in his face/ peeps done been got erase/ I ain't worried bout a chase shit give it to me straight/ either I'ma die by the hand of man or my mistakes/ shit I'm doing what it takes/ I'm already changing face/ I been watching for the snakes and the fakes changing face/


V2 (Nino Ro$$ie)

Labeled as a trouble maker living is rough/ Plus a couple people love to hate me spirits is crushed/ used to be a simple nicca had a family and such/ but my wife split now I feel my numbers is punched/ hood vision, liviing hell feel like evil is hunting/ distracted by stunting/ Now people stare like I'm nothing/ Know I love that girl to death/ but we heavily grudging/ So I got a new chick and all she want is the fucking/ plus a few dollars/ yeah I went to college/ just to be a crook so the kid blue collar/ Damn I miss my father/ but FUCK him TOO/ since you left can't imagine all the shit I been through/ got envy on my mind man I want rims too/ so I'm on some ill shit man I gotta get dude/ plus I kinda feel like somebody watching me/ not for the fame but to pop shots at me/

V3 (Monte $$)

I been in lust and been in love at the same time/ I been hit hurt humbled at game time/ I got fears, worries, doubts, yes man I/ I got problems but I gotta survive/ and shit I been to the point where I feel I need that grip/ that lil flip/ I'll do any means to get that shit/ I been heated cuz I aint' had the cheddar I needed/ so I proceeded to get heavily weeded/ I'm trying to live lavish/ but I don't wanna be a savage/ but doing bad shit'll have my means above average/ hold on I'm getting stressed now/ c'mon man put the tech down/ can't be just another let down/ I been broke, I been high/ I been beat, I done cried/ to the point where I'm ready to die/ I been up, I been down/ points in between and around/ who's the realest nicca you know now/

Track Name: Monte SS feat Trey Grams - College Girls
V1 (Monte $$)

Baby girl Ms. fit/ Cat suit and her ass thick/ 8 pack, she a bad b*tch/ told her I just wanna be by you/ but she a cougar met her at BYU/ moved on I had noise to make/ met a at bucking bronco broad at Boise state/ Her name Erica but she can't spell man/ Ironic, she just transferred from Spellman/ Couldn't even spell Michigan/ Facebook status read just left Michelin/ Met a hood chick, that really gets it in/ @Eastern Michigan/ stay fly as Eagles can/ Prada this, Gucci that Louie bra/ tha's a snap/ 36C/ dorm room to match/ at the icebreaker/ watch her get turned out/ told her we ain't Match/ cuz baby been a Burn out/

College girls/ man them hoes be trippin/ same rats from the crib ain't no different/
College girls/ she just wanna have fun/ get hella drunk, stunt with her refund/
You not fancy naw, you not fancy/ You not fancy naw, you not fancy
you not fancy naw you not fancy/ You not fancy, naw you not fancy/

V2 (Trey Grams)

Don't you hate the hoes/ Mouching ass bitches/ always got they hands out/ searching for the liquor/ smoking all the weed/ I give em what they need/ couple blunts, couple shots/ send em out to the team/ that's how it is/ never will I cuff em/ get high make music/ young david ruffin/ no rubber no pluggin/ that's just the rules/ next thing a nicca know he in the clinic with the blues/ let it burn like usher/ never give cash that shits for the suckers/ try it wit another/ My baby I don't blame you/ do what you gotta do/ catch a lame slippin/ then munch guaranteed food/ cuz at the end of the day it's bout them dollar signs/ last I heard she was fucking with genu-wine/ Word all it takes is a little wine/ She a freak you'll hit that shit in no time/ need a new whip/ bet that bitch'll co-sign/ she come with more baggage than a airline/ more bodies than a neighborhood dopeman pistol/ that bitch got issues/

Track Name: Midnight Summers

These the midnight summers of Spot runners/ Glock clutchers/ make the whole block hush-up/ Whassup/ Nuttin but new money and old btiches/ he mentions out cracked window of an expedition/ Eyes got a little glimmer of the vicious/ acts that happen to those with low intuition/ paying the price in the streets higher than your tuition/ but when you in it/ you got all the vixens and the things that glisten/ MLB type spends the night pitching/ every night a mission/ no time for indecision/ one false step off your pivot/ you out THE GAME replaced with Pooch hall/ This life ain't easy, what's harder is the stall/ harder still the fall/ high stress high ball/ all eyes on you from lilttle homie to big dog/ wondering if you'll live to see another night...fall/

Summer time come its a killing season/ it's hot out this bitch that's good enough reason/
Summer time comin-(repeat 4)
(Repeat 1)


This is chess not checkers/ slow grind be the method if longevity's expected/ you could be hot head, challenge to be tested/ but drama plus a record makes you easily detected/ starts off quick fix/ then gets infectious/ 10 years grinding, and this ain't what you expected/ supposed to be temporary cuz money went hectic/ now your crimes bout to get you lethally injected/ I guess its the allure/ feelig so couture/ the main culture of the uncultured/ Fast money hard living/ well that's a given/ anything's better than being broke/ even prison/ still some view the world like a catechism/ calculating mathematicians with that prism vision but/ they ain't in the hood/ another day a better way ain't in they opticals/ they can't see it/ especially when lose they breath every weekend/ especailly when the streets cascading with the bleeding/ especially when it's over nonsense it wasn't needed/ so when you see me in the streets know/ I'm LITERALLY HEATED

Track Name: Monte SS feat AL 1 & Trey Grams - From The D Boy
V1 (Monte $$)

I'm from the D boy/ I'm in the streets Boy/ Like an old school Monte or a caprice boy/ Got what you need boy/ Got a chick that blow like purple gan dro them good trees boy/ Jamaican hash n shit/ started off average/ look at ya man's he done mastered this/ I suggest you get the fuck outta dodge/ Before I fuck in ya dodge/ take ya house, spouse and your garage/ In the magnum, wearing magnums/ Hit it till she cant stand up/ I bang her out in handcuffs..and what huh?/ Don't get mad bruh/ Ever since I was a Juvenile, been had hoes backin that ass up/ Backin that ass up/ Hey ma back that ass up/

I'm from the D boy (repeat 8)

V2 (AL 1)

Niccas either flashy or fancy/ and porches only got two steps like they dancing but still/ in the midst of the fair man/ I can't be like dealers on the block living bad man/ and sometime the storm is stronger than rainfall/ and we done swimmed backwards like we salamanders/ Plus we got the boat that we came in/ of course I gotta get a pail or my shoes'll cave in/ I'm not rappin I'm just explaining/ Y all the good die young only the dead are famous/ Can't stand on they own two they walk wit a cane/ though I hold my own I always know where the cane is/ They say no pain no gain, yeah 3 of em missed me but they really wasn't aimed.

V3 (Trey Grams)

I'm from the D, 12th street to the death/ but I lay on 7mile another spot that I rest/ Get love from the Mo all the way to the Zone/ can't forget about them fenkell boys making that noise/ This some hot shit for the streets/ from a new breed of G's representing that city of greed/ Stay fresh from the feet all the way to the head up/ Fitted cap Low and never have a chick handcuffed/ Better man up son, cuz the plan is to take the game over/ won't rest till it's done/ and still show niccas love/ Rock bottom, dirty glove beef shit, we all gotta eat/ Niccas don't wanna be in them streets depending on fiends to bring em they cheese/ Detroit muthafucka till the day I'm deceased/
Track Name: Day 1
I been patiently waiting I been biding my time/ At war wit myself, my insides look like Vietnam/ About to explode whenever I hear drum rolls/ remind me of some bongos and my mindset is still congo/ So that means my goal is to go whereever Kong goes/ Catch me in a minute on top of entire states yo/ the empire state yo/ the emperor of states go mirror me fate just make a claim and take your state yo/ I been a bit belligerent/they doused my flame rekindled it/ had the ultimate fight for my slice just like Kimbo did/ and now I feel like I'm closer than I ever been to touching constellations/ and I did it with no spaceship!/

Since Day 1 I been staring off in the sky/ I been planning for a liftoff I just wanna touch the sky/
Don't tell me it's impossible if you ain't tried/ Since day 1 I been staring off in the sky/
Since Day 1


I ain't never coming down touching pavement/ too close to hellfire, too close to hatred/ I'm NEO and you just entered in my matix/ Limit is your mind but ain't no boxes where I'm staying/ it's all inception, just subliminal suggestions/ that the minimal exception or the missed stone in your stepping/ is the loophole in they method, the foothole for successes/ quit looking for a handout, play the one in your possession/ Make your mark till it's no question, just push it every second/ I'll be spitting till my teeth impact and you can feel the flesh rip/



Since DAY 1 (repeat 4)
Take me, Take me to the Constellations/ Take me to Outer Space/
Take me to the Constellations/ Cuz I want out of this place