Amateur Night

from by Monte SS

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Hook: Bounce DAT/ let me see you shake/ roll them hips like you wanna get paid/ make them boys wonder how you taste/ if you wanna get cake/ just put it in his face and Bounce Dat/ (repeat)

Girl you crazy/ quit acting lazy/ if you move that buy you a drink maybe/ Ay B girlie started shaking straight dazed me/ showed me a pocket on her thong and said/ "Pay Me"/ I'm glad to meet em/ ecstatic to greet em/ she built like a bronco/ put her in a museum/ well at least the Colosseum/ ain't no speaking/ while I read em/ unless she wanna be heavy breathing/ admiring her frame/ dancing/ what's her name/ i don't know but her roll and pop game off the chain/ yelling baby jiggle that/ come a lil closer wiggle that/ suck yo fingers/ arch yo back/ let me set a drink on that/ you look like you feeling me/ and I wanna be feeling that/ since you let me picture that/ you should let me get at that/ I got my whip/ get in that/ put yo legs up in the back relax/ bend over the hood/ let me hit it from the back/ pick a position I'm killing that/

Oooohhh you so beautiful/ no telling what I'll do to you/ let me get a lil dance/ no biggie take a chance/ 1 more/ 2 more/ 3 more/ I'm getting jealous cuz they watching when you laying on the floor/ and you make your cheeks do things/ pop left/ pop right/ girl I love the way you moving/ glow in the dark tongue ring/ she keep flicking it/ i told her I could make her mouth/ happy with my licorice/ picture this/ me and you/ on a pillow top for two/ bring some of your girls/ and I'ma bring the crew/ we can reunite at the rendezvous/ have aphrodisiacs for two/ you telling me no condoms cool/ I'm telling you I ain't no fool/ I retract the physical/ mami I'm not that into you/ but keep yo clothes off cuz yo body's so critical/ see I was just testing you/ now we resolved sexual/ before you leave/ get back on that pedestal/ i'm begging you to/

Let me get a private session don't say you uncomfortable/ the way I'm tossing tips/ like I knew you for a month or two/ show me what a Hun''ll do/ double that/ it's nothing boo/ you think my frontins cute/ so whassup with you/ you say you ain't got a man/ just a innocent dance/ when you wiggle like I'm charming off your pants/ Drinks on me/ can I lick em off you/ get you in the bedroom/ sort of like a typhoon/ rough in the beginning/ softer in the center/ locking eyes and yo thighs acting like they got a temper/ they getting heated/ so be it/ i'm proceeding/ till toes curling/ hearing screaming/ you swearing you wet dreaming/ so pillow talk about yo pains/ got problems wit yo moms/ got plans you wanna own a hair salon/ that's cool/ I ain't a fool and I aint knockin on yo plans/ but mami I ain't yo man/ I just love to watch you dance/



from Crisis, released November 16, 2013


all rights reserved



Monte SS Detroit, Michigan

Throughout the years, Monte has collaborated/partner with numerous artist and "groups". However, at this point in time Monte felt it was time to begin building for a solo career along with establishing a brand/name.

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