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Description of why it's a crisis currently. The limited options felt in our community. This is my reality. Although guarded this is #openbookmonte


I wake up before I wash and get dressed/ I thank the Lord for each breath/ pray for another day without the reaper/ can't ignore him/ just gotta accept one day ya gotta meet him/ thinking bout my past in my room shadow boxing/ miss my dead homies man we used to get it popping/ G and Cortez with the Poppin and Lockin/ lil man used to have the hood hopping/ couple of my fellas got knocked now the locked up/ gotta write a letter let em know who got shot up/ gotta write a letter/ yo "ya baby mom's knocked up , brother cutty got chopped up, he lived.. but now he locked up"/ I'm ok I work a 9 to 5/ but I'm bout to flip/ get paid just enough to make it back to do my shift/ wondering do other people live like this/ drugs jail and violence/ everyday's a crisis/

Hook: Either get rich, go to jail or get murdered/ Them the only outcomes I ever heard of/ another life ends before the night ends/

Too stressed/ plotting on survival/ trying to find god/ but america's full of idols/ civilized but still tribal/ street gangs like new age warriors/ cuz they still rival/ on a quest to get paid/ the government offers aid/ laboratory up in Maine offered most Spades Aids/ trapped in a cage/ mind been so trained/ that outside of this box is lame or insane/ black man in a range/ he has to sell Caine/ can't listen to rock music in Armani Exchange/ steriotypes/ live everyday in my society/ can't lie/ i'm a victim/ second guessing/ my sobriety/ i been exiled by most of my fam/ don't speak to my cousins/ can't talk to my dad/ easy to get a chance/ but earning respects harder/ easy to be a dad but HARDER to be a Father/

I'm telling you what my life is/ priceless sacrifices/ pastor telling me christ is/ king to long life/ but that's for the righteous/ what about the fighters/ doing wrong at night cuz/ all they know's the life cuz/ some say they justified/ gotta provide/ but the lust for living lavish/ turns the best intentions savage/ then innocence of a child stained/ grown man the mind-frame/ gotta go get paid/ luxury the only aim/ love for money/ mild fame/ rooted in evel/on a race for the steeple/ beggars bothering/ broke down/ downtrodden citizens/ can't see nothing further/ then they own current predicaments/ Police drive by harassing those doing right/ see the dealers don't strike/ Everybody's got a price/ staying at the right side of life'll/ have you merging with pain/ and crashing into lonely nights aiight/


from Crisis, released November 16, 2013


all rights reserved



Monte SS Detroit, Michigan

Throughout the years, Monte has collaborated/partner with numerous artist and "groups". However, at this point in time Monte felt it was time to begin building for a solo career along with establishing a brand/name.

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