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This is my personal favorite song on the Album. The inspiration for it actually came from a dark place. I was contemplating quitting. As a man, more importantly as a leader, you second guess yourself and your strategy sometimes. Especially when there seems to be a lack of results despite all of your efforts. That's where I was, I was depressed, I was weary. Then like a boxer getting his second wind I became more motivated then I'd been in months. When I heard this beat my hand instantly was moving unconsiously on the paper. It was like I got possessed by a spirit and the song wrote itself. When I looked down and read what I wrote, I realized these are feelings I've had since the day I began rapping. I sincerely hope that when someone hears this song my words give them courage, the strength to carry on, and the power to continue to believe in themselves.


I been patiently waiting I been biding my time/ At war wit myself, my insides look like Vietnam/ About to explode whenever I hear drum rolls/ remind me of some bongos and my mindset is still congo/ So that means my goal is to go whereever Kong goes/ Catch me in a minute on top of entire states yo/ the empire state yo/ the emperor of states go mirror me fate just make a claim and take your state yo/ I been a bit belligerent/they doused my flame rekindled it/ had the ultimate fight for my slice just like Kimbo did/ and now I feel like I'm closer than I ever been to touching constellations/ and I did it with no spaceship!/

Since Day 1 I been staring off in the sky/ I been planning for a liftoff I just wanna touch the sky/
Don't tell me it's impossible if you ain't tried/ Since day 1 I been staring off in the sky/
Since Day 1


I ain't never coming down touching pavement/ too close to hellfire, too close to hatred/ I'm NEO and you just entered in my matix/ Limit is your mind but ain't no boxes where I'm staying/ it's all inception, just subliminal suggestions/ that the minimal exception or the missed stone in your stepping/ is the loophole in they method, the foothole for successes/ quit looking for a handout, play the one in your possession/ Make your mark till it's no question, just push it every second/ I'll be spitting till my teeth impact and you can feel the flesh rip/



Since DAY 1 (repeat 4)
Take me, Take me to the Constellations/ Take me to Outer Space/
Take me to the Constellations/ Cuz I want out of this place



from "Freshmen World" OLD ME! Volume 2, released August 1, 2011
Recorded at In the Matrix Studio
Mixed and Leveled at Audio Cafe


all rights reserved



Monte SS Detroit, Michigan

Throughout the years, Monte has collaborated/partner with numerous artist and "groups". However, at this point in time Monte felt it was time to begin building for a solo career along with establishing a brand/name.

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