Monte SS feat Nino Ro​$​$​ie - Doin My Thang

from by Monte SS

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Doin my thang is a collaboration with one of my favorite underground rappers/producers Nino. Nino actually made this beat and said he thought it sounded like something I'd rap to. So I played the instrumental in my whip, as I rode around my city, downtown, west 7mile, grand blvd, and when I got home I had all the words I needed. This is riding and vibing music, just ride to it. Play this song on repeat and spend all day doing whatever you wanna do. Pretend gas is $1/gallon.


Nino Ro$$ie

Yeah, I cold as Polar bear P*ssy/ Still Gutta Homie don't push me/ Just give me a loosey I'm all about a dollar/ they say that's where the root be/ and I'm still bout ta cop me them new sneaks/ Then hit the bar wit bout 2 freaks/ Yeah me and my crew deep/ Coolest Muthafuckas on 2 feet stompin/ them box head hating squares/ they want nothing, see what I'm talkin naw I ain't bluffin/ The way the paint drip whip is disgusting/ You seen it my sh*ts hot dog interior mustard/ Ya girl she a freak on my colonel for kustard/ Sucka loving her and you know you don't trust her/ Naw homie don't call on me/ You don't want no problems G/ Contractual killers with me they'll get you for the free/ Now baby gawn roll this weed/ everything is on me/ relax let ya hair down shorty rely on nin/

I'm just doin my thang/ I gotta stay Fly shop at a mall in the sky/ I
I'm just doin my thang/ When you see me not on tv say that he be on some other shyt/
I'm just doin my thang/ I gotta stay fly shop at a mall in the sky/ I
I'm just doin my thang, Just doin, just doin, just doin my thang/

Monte $$

I'm making money spending money doin what I gotta do/ Stunting on these haters when they hating seems so logical/ They dick riders switching up like prostitutes/ But they on my head, never that I promise you/ They ain't even close, that ain't even possible/ Face down in the dirt couldn't touch a follicle/ A hair folical hear these fake philosophers/ Even on twitter man they still a bunch of followers/ But I dont sweat em cuz they ain't no work out/ I pull up in a chevy kill the noise let girls out/ I pull up to the umm whatever man shut it down/ Everybody point and staring everytime I come around/ You know it's bout to be a banger when you hear the sound/ Beat got Rabies so you know I'm bout to put it down/ Bout to kill it man put it out it's misery/ and I'ma keep doing me until my name's in history/ What


Monte $$

Turn me all the way up in the club/ You know Monte goes hard he doin his damn thug...thizzle/ Poppin on the scene without a pistol/ I know they want me in the Big leagues I'm kinda IZZO/ Go Green/ Go White/ I really dwarf the competition...Snow White/ I worked hard never worked soft right/ Would of worked them both but I ain't have the time to moonlight/ Real n*ggas know exactly what I be about/ And fake N*ggas I'm exactly what you read about/ You choking up the game wait till we weed you out/ Lady Justice blind even she wants to see you out/ So let me at em/ I'm up and AT em/ They're small time they ain't even up to ATOMS/ So when I split em it's no commotion/ this a revolution, nicca I'm so revolting/


from "Freshmen World" OLD ME! Volume 2, released August 1, 2011
Beat By Nino Rossie of Cab Co Records
Mix and Leveled at Audio Cafe


all rights reserved



Monte SS Detroit, Michigan

Throughout the years, Monte has collaborated/partner with numerous artist and "groups". However, at this point in time Monte felt it was time to begin building for a solo career along with establishing a brand/name.

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