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Heartfelt song. I pretty much zoned out on this song and just discussed how TRULY feel. This song is giving the listener a glimpse of my emotions running amuck through me everyday at any time. It's my drive and passion for success in this industry combined with the conflict of family and being a good person.


Funny today feels like yesterday/ and I'm just trrying to see another day/ It's sunny but I pray for clouds to turn gray/ so that way, I know I made it to another day/ What's in my past a bunch of users/ b*tches turned cougars/ wait that's my future/ anyone can rap yeah keep telling me that/ Well where the hell you at monte?/ What's holding you back/ Some say I got too much responsibility/ AND I should sacrifice family time for this industry/ MAN yall killing me, yall don't know pain/ don't know hunger...damn well ain't got shame/ I know all three got All on my shoulders/ Danielle over shoulders so the angels looking over/ Everyday more stress dog I'm looking older/ Feel like f*ck exercise my days over/ After 49 hours I'ma take a break/ hennessey, PS3, and some damn stake N shake/ and that's killing me but it makes me feel great/ and I know my girl wants me to see 28/ real talk I don't know if I DO/ let my rap career slip away that's side news/ focus on being a husband and a father/ two words I never thought I'd say/ I DO, but I did now I'm here and it's conflict/ Can't hustle can't save for shit/ What the F*ck is this?!!/ She say she support me, say she's on my team/ but everyday Being a Star becomes a bigger Dream/ YALL/ and I become a bigger dreamer/ Money getting tighter so I grow a little Leaner/ Pops seen the changes all in my demeanor/ Then I start remembering when I aint see him/ Then it's like I hate seeing him/ Then he calls look at the phone I can't speak to him/ It's not his fault, because it's still love/ But I'm a little stressed and I'm really f*cked up/ Everyday I see death even in a brush, and when I tip that bottle up I can feel his nudge/ I'm thinking to myself, " What have I become a part of?"/ Looking in the mirror and I'm staring at my father/ Is that why it's hard to Live and Let go/ cuz when He left I still see him in myself/ Or at least what he gave me/ at this point the beat drops and I go Crazy!/ The engineers and the spectators hype it up/ but it is not a hit/ I leave without a cent/ I drive to my crib Banging me half bent/ wifey's sleep right by my pops ashes/ gargle hoping she stays sleeep so it's no clashing/ how I put so MUTHAFUCKIN much Pain in my Passion/ Every verse another scream/ and now I lay myself down to sleep and I pray for a dream/


from "Freshmen World" OLD ME! Volume 2, released August 1, 2011
Mix and leveled at The Audio Cafe


all rights reserved



Monte SS Detroit, Michigan

Throughout the years, Monte has collaborated/partner with numerous artist and "groups". However, at this point in time Monte felt it was time to begin building for a solo career along with establishing a brand/name.

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