If U a Thug​(​D Boyz)

from by Monte SS

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The thought behind this song is actually comedic in nature. I was reminiscing about some things that happened in the past and had one of those "U know you're hood when". So I took some memories of me, my boys, and stuff I saw in the hood and put it into song. "If you a thug" because if you are chances are you can relate


This is for my D boyz/ If you a Thug put your hands high/
Naw we don't dance, but we muggin rockin side to side/
For my D boyz/ Tinted out and we ride high/
Drinking smoking all day all night/

If you ever took ya shorty to the spot/ before you got her panties off you raided by the cops/ but you already hid the stash/ pay bond and get back to the cash/ Fell off a little, but after a couple yams/ couple taps of the hand/ you right back to where you stand/ Hit or miss game and you swinging for the stands/ peep shorty all over ya swag/ She a fan, since you into dark gawn head take a stab/ something smells fishy put her weave in your lap/ End of the day on the block stands a man/ Recognize real...Legends made from tall tales/ This a strange world aquatic with sharks and fish scales/ And if you living it your honestly a business man/ Clientele and fiend....well the sound like synonmys/



Drinking smoking, My block posted/ Narc van drive by think they noticed/ I'm off that kush and Henny Potent/ Eyes straight Red, but I'm so focused/ Throw away tucked i'm pistol toting/ In between me and my cash/ BLast No emotion/ Ain't no sleep in grind, ain't no lack in mine 24/7 open/ Don't knock the HUSTLE if you ain't on yours we take your portion/ With no hesitation, or reservation/ Take competition out the picture/ they ain't even ancient/ See em tatted up and gritting they teeth/but ay chief all that Peacocking don't impress me/ Soft hearts get ate out here/ We aim headlights at these doe eyed deers/ What's in a mind you have no idea/ if you don't like it let's get shit clear here/


Show love one time if you heard this on the block/ put ya tools up if ya pistol cocked/ They talk big but we do it round here/ grew up seeing beamers n vettes ain't nothing new around here/ Round here you the man when you cash out/ Blow a rack at the bar saying, " #KnowwhatImtalkinbout"/ Cops ya worst enemy barriers to entry/ white girls your asset, Mainly cuz she intrigued/ Whip cross state lines they don't think yall in league/ Till you get your name tatted, rockin different color weave/ Then the heats on and it's time to get a new chick/ Make moves quick flip, get out before you get flicked/ Seperation from the work mindset of a hustler/ Hit the block get to work, mindset of a youngster/ Phone calls no touches yeah that's when you made it/ Get in GET OUT, but ain't no leaving for them MADE MEN!/



from "Freshmen World" OLD ME! Volume 2, released August 1, 2011
Beat by Erv Production
Mix and leveled at The Audio Cafe


all rights reserved



Monte SS Detroit, Michigan

Throughout the years, Monte has collaborated/partner with numerous artist and "groups". However, at this point in time Monte felt it was time to begin building for a solo career along with establishing a brand/name.

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