Lying to Ourselves feat. Larry Chipps

from by Monte SS

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Star crossed lovers/ love triangle. Relationship crisis you miss the well when the waters runs dry.


You say you love em huh/ but do he make you happy/ do the good out weigh the bad do you see it lasting/ yo body craving good love girl so why you fasting/ you say you loyal and that's where we clashing/ you wit a man that don't appreciate you that's a bad thing/ when your with him fake smiles and laughter/ girl that's acting/ through the bad I'll stick with you be yo velcro/ we should go together/ you be the khakis I'll be the shell toes/ she giggling/ but say that she ain't giving in/ i say she should give him up/ and give this real love a chance/ she say... how you know if it's real/ i put her head to my heart/ and whispered in her ear/

Hook: Listen baby girl/ I know you got a man/ but I don't really care about that/ because he won't do you like I do... you Baby/ This thing so wrong/ tell me is it right when we lie to ourselves/ You should be with me/ I should be with you/

Now when you see me sideways smiles got you blushing huh/ fantasizing it's my arm that you all up under huh/ you ain't gotta say it/ i can read you body language/ know you thinking what I'm thinking/ baby just be patient/ time stand still when you not up in my space and/ when you come around I swear that minute hand be racing/ with you time flies/ girl I ain't telling no lies/ look life's a journey and I want you in my Dodge alright/ I don't want you sneaking when I go to call alright/ wanna talk text and skype/ with you all day and all night/ when we togehter every moment filled with passion/ and when we not it's Romeo and Juliet Tragic/


I ain't afraid to do exactly what I need to/ walk up to your man and tell em/ dog she should leave you/ she deserve better/ she deserve me/ yeah yall togehter/ but all yall got is history/ and presently she questioning her future/ looking bright for me and I can't say the same for you sir/ but that ain't my place/ right now girl eat yo cake/ look your worth having/ so I know you know your worth the wait/ see I listen boo/ fantasize of kissing you/ conversation's de ja vu/ you know how I be missing you/ baby this game time on the 1 yard line/ if he ain't got yo Fullback I'm right here on the sideline/



from Crisis, released November 16, 2013


all rights reserved



Monte SS Detroit, Michigan

Throughout the years, Monte has collaborated/partner with numerous artist and "groups". However, at this point in time Monte felt it was time to begin building for a solo career along with establishing a brand/name.

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