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This song is to anyone that is doing music or claims to do it. My words to you. My love to the few that I've been through the trenches with. Selling CD's at the speedway downtown, and performing at Tnt's, the Hayloft, Bullfrog, WSU etc. Letting yall know it's not in vain.



Lazy ass hustlers/ Half ass rappers/ part time gangsters naw you ain't sayin nuthin/ U ain't workin hard, you ain't being a daddy/ Changing diapers writing rhymes in yo head on the daily/ You got performances at different clubs/ exchanging drugs with partial thugs/ Hit the lab and take shots till you throwing up/ 7 cd's on all 80 songs you were blowed and buzzed/ I got two mixtapes and one LP/ I was healthy/ Running two miles a day/ training outside in the rain/ Just to get my spit up/ so focused was my spirit/ Dropped and got no recognition still I didn't give up/ Step back re-evaluation, research, rehearse, re-work, liquor re-Gergitation/ I ain't saying I was perfect on my vices I'm still working/ I admit to stage fright so I lean on liquid courage/ even when the well's dry man I'll never be discouraged/ I've fallen heavily Denzell, Alicia Keys/ but I grabbed my own collar and drug myself to my knees/ I grabbed my ribcage and elevated to my feet/ then I threw my shoulders back and picked my chin up/ I'm back to me/ and everyday's rougher than VH1 reality or A&E tragedies neighbors kids be asking me like/ dude what happened you the truth, you still be rapping/ and I bullshit cuz I got no cd for him when he asking but/ I still got bars though/ I still write songs though/ Still got unanswered questions/ feeling like Geraldo/ Still on my grizzie cuz yall Bearly getting Grizzly/ Never seen the UK but this Rascal leave em Dizzy/ Speed balling man means my fans be oh so tipsy/ I'm growing out a mohawk cuz I plan to run my city/ Relevant or not/ stay in a steady state of shock/ old testament with the right staff you can herd a flock/ and I'm working on my team/ the monte family regime/ so far it's the Launchroom till the f*ckin death of me/ and the biggest trial/ is to see who stays the truest/ I hit the hood linked up with Coda got Deeprooted/ I'm chilling wit david puffing about Trey Grams/ B Will brought PR and Schoolboy holding the Cam/ I'm still looking for a New Day/ I had to part with Hooks/ found myself in midland with Parks and K Spade/ Its still love Uncle Randy your audio's magic/ Whaddup seven, whaddup Nailz what happened was tragic/ through it all Wok, Corey Guns, Amerie, Jeter, Al 1, and Nin/ dog we still family/ and it all made me better so I say Se la Vi/ this time I'm going all out cuz this one's all on me


from "Freshmen World" OLD ME! Volume 2, released August 1, 2011
Mix and Leveled at The Audio Cafe


all rights reserved



Monte SS Detroit, Michigan

Throughout the years, Monte has collaborated/partner with numerous artist and "groups". However, at this point in time Monte felt it was time to begin building for a solo career along with establishing a brand/name.

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