Old ME (Chilliandre)

from by Monte SS

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(Verse 1)

The hood call me chill my niggas know I’m real, at the bar about ta smash a couple hoes off of a pill/ I’m never on no hoe shit, keep it 100 pimp, niggas beefin bitch between us bet it’s bout a 100 clips. All my niccas criminals that’s code red criminal, my life’s private, MUTHAFUCKIN Genitals, get me on a track, and you know I keep it stupid ill, caught SARS last year and got swine flu still, Detroit I hold it down, what I’m reppin 7mile, hit that blunt just once in a while, right after yo bitch be breakin it down, Gun in my WAIST DEEP, runnin shit BIG MEAT, while you grinding in the streets I’m wit yo bitch grinding in yo sheets…Fuck you haters, you ain’t cold as me, Random ass shirt wit a black beaded rosary You know who it’s supposed to be, yo baby mom’s she chose a G, grinding on yo cartop in yo driveway while yo ass is sleep, I’m disrespectful, I’ll disconnect you, from yo body nicca I’ll PEACE & REST YOU, I ain’t no killa shit I’ma player first, pimp second, boss third, so fuck what you FUCKIN HEARD, You lame ass niccas step yo game up, you keep borrowing gas money for your rented Range trucks, We ride old schools pockets stay swole stupid, Doin 98 in the morning like we was fuckin Foolish…U know the crew bitch, this ain’t no knew shit, if you ain’t up on us, then yo ass is truant, see I’m the ruler…nice to meet you bitch, these niccas inching up, but I’m like a meter stick, Naw Naw you ain’t stunting to a G, how the Fuck you gonna BOSS up you a EM-PLOY-EE, yall niccas look fatigued you’ll need a Army to hang wit us, who the Fuck in they right mind wanna bang wit us, We got that chrome clenched and still on that grown shit, my niccas burnin trees cuz we wanna see SMOKEY homeless….NICCA. Its’ Monte in this BITCH!


from "Freshmen World" OLD ME! Volume 1, released February 28, 2011


all rights reserved



Monte SS Detroit, Michigan

Throughout the years, Monte has collaborated/partner with numerous artist and "groups". However, at this point in time Monte felt it was time to begin building for a solo career along with establishing a brand/name.

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