Monte SS feat Nino Ro​$​$​ie & Aaron Jamar - So Weak

from by Monte SS

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I feel like music is cleansing in nature. That being said, everyone has skeletons and things that they need to let off their chest. This song is me cleansing and opening up some of my skeletons, some of my feelings from childhood. Nino in the same way spoke about his upbringing and how it directly correlates with how he approaches everyday life


Hook:(aaron Jamar)
This is my story/ Lord knows I been so weak
Just look at what I been through/ all the things I lived through/
If I did it then you can to/

V1 (monte $$)

I was born in prophesized garments/ swaddling clothing two family flat/ Pinehurst...Fenkell where the heads be at/ asking for two's and fews/ what kind of bread be that/ I ain't sure/ problems from the ceiling to the basement floor/ shaking sure, alcohol broken home/breaking doors/ shaking more/ taking more/ verbal slurs/ gotta endure/ hurting more/ no more father figure/ 7 mile still there/ Mr. Ike on the corner got words of wisdom/ fine phillys we kiss them/ split them/ light em up and spliff them/ and peacemakers been in his face/ peeps done been got erase/ I ain't worried bout a chase shit give it to me straight/ either I'ma die by the hand of man or my mistakes/ shit I'm doing what it takes/ I'm already changing face/ I been watching for the snakes and the fakes changing face/


V2 (Nino Ro$$ie)

Labeled as a trouble maker living is rough/ Plus a couple people love to hate me spirits is crushed/ used to be a simple nicca had a family and such/ but my wife split now I feel my numbers is punched/ hood vision, liviing hell feel like evil is hunting/ distracted by stunting/ Now people stare like I'm nothing/ Know I love that girl to death/ but we heavily grudging/ So I got a new chick and all she want is the fucking/ plus a few dollars/ yeah I went to college/ just to be a crook so the kid blue collar/ Damn I miss my father/ but FUCK him TOO/ since you left can't imagine all the shit I been through/ got envy on my mind man I want rims too/ so I'm on some ill shit man I gotta get dude/ plus I kinda feel like somebody watching me/ not for the fame but to pop shots at me/

V3 (Monte $$)

I been in lust and been in love at the same time/ I been hit hurt humbled at game time/ I got fears, worries, doubts, yes man I/ I got problems but I gotta survive/ and shit I been to the point where I feel I need that grip/ that lil flip/ I'll do any means to get that shit/ I been heated cuz I aint' had the cheddar I needed/ so I proceeded to get heavily weeded/ I'm trying to live lavish/ but I don't wanna be a savage/ but doing bad shit'll have my means above average/ hold on I'm getting stressed now/ c'mon man put the tech down/ can't be just another let down/ I been broke, I been high/ I been beat, I done cried/ to the point where I'm ready to die/ I been up, I been down/ points in between and around/ who's the realest nicca you know now/



from "Freshmen World" OLD ME! Volume 2, track released April 15, 2011


all rights reserved



Monte SS Detroit, Michigan

Throughout the years, Monte has collaborated/partner with numerous artist and "groups". However, at this point in time Monte felt it was time to begin building for a solo career along with establishing a brand/name.

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