Straight Spittin

from by Monte SS

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Verse 1)

Hear that I just flexed on the track made the beat jump/ flexed on the street now the road full of speed bumps, they say the game’s over racing with they feet up, yall Kunta Kente bout ta get De-feated/ Straight spittin, what you seeing is what you getting, hard times black and white bars, no prison/ We ain’t going to OZ, meet the wizard Merlin, dressed in a turban spitting our whirlwinds/ Make your world end, King Arthur’s home, but he hood so fuck a sword he gotta pocket full of stones/ Riding in a chevy with his hat real low/ underground king (get it) Pocket full of Stones/ Got, real estates full of burners no stoves, let the rounds go about ocho-cinco (85)/ No lying/lion get in the way your body sinks slow, catch em at the club put the burner to his polo/ Two nine’s full of bullets double dose of room, Blast all you see’s is the buccaneer’s logo/ Skull and crossbones, don’t cross holmes, spouse swap over hip hop’s coming back home/ and I’m……Straight Spitting

(Verse 2)

How am I supposed to man I just began, why beef I’m going green see I’m so Vegan/ I ain’t never scared don’t get it confused, walk a lonely road, but I refuse to follow rules/ Blind leading the blind, you can follow them fools/ see the dumb struggle with death they can’t speak the truth….but/ I digressed these niggas so hollow, that’s why I leave em sleepy full of hallows/ Make ya girl suck till she hoarse/horse man you headless, being Po ain’t my ending that was Edgar’s/ Advance sir, Nuclear Reactor I’m re-atcha, don’t retract naw, just relax, reload, and re-clap ya/ Time ta close and Re-max ya, I’m at max…uh Warp speed, chicks Cling-on/Kleong to me like I’m Warf seed/ drop more hoes/holes than Tiger woods before divorcing, Hole in 1, par 10 yall should endorse me/ Johnny McEnroe when it comes to courting/Bad boy lambeer, zeke years back to back Please/…It take a D boy to B-Boy the Trophies/ and I’m straight Spitting


from "Freshmen World" OLD ME! Volume 1, released February 28, 2011


all rights reserved



Monte SS Detroit, Michigan

Throughout the years, Monte has collaborated/partner with numerous artist and "groups". However, at this point in time Monte felt it was time to begin building for a solo career along with establishing a brand/name.

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