Tread Water

from by Monte SS

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Trust issues, sociopathic tendencies, paranoia...Just my thoughts...just my thoughts


My life been f*cked up/ ever since a young buck/ searching for a quick buck/ so I ain't gotta give up/ and sh*ts rough man/ but yall already know/ man it's hard to find a wifey/ but it's quick to hit a hoe/ flash cash just for show/ cats clash throwing bows/ if they passed by the po's then/ then they casket'll close/ and niccas pull triggers quicker/ over figures/ how you figure/ lil niccas/ pulling triggers over figures/ flashing cash/ cop frames/ smash dames/ go flip cane/ sh*ts just insane/ no dough legitimate/ reading the block/ but give the boy a book/ and I'll bet he be illiterate/ been broke wondering how I'ma cope/ footprints in the sand lead to crack lead to coke/ but i won't/ my pops taught me better/ instead my hands on my beretta/ stackin cheese counting cheddar/ with my head up/

Hook: Only thing the hood taught us/ wanna survive you gotta tread water/ Keep kicking don't wanna be a gonner man/ gotta try ta keep ya head above the water man/ (repeat)

Verse 2
So what if they hate me/ Im up and they lazy/ and lately they played/ but baby Im shady/ so it's all gravy/ go ahead hate me/ one on one know you cant take me/ talk behind my back/ but know you won't face me/ so F*CK U/ I can tuck too/ I can bust too/ bust you while you riding home on the bus dude/ don't duck and I'll pluck you/ don't be fooled by the smiles/ chugging brews down the mile/ pouring liquor to the curb/ for abused and they childs/ or my peeps that done passed/ or got locked for they tasks/ for providing for they fam/ the only way that they can/ moving weight by the gram/ out the crib out the van/ others work to the bone/ tough skin blistered hands/ doing dirt in the sand/ get hot turn to glass/ searching for a diamond in the rough/ and only seeing sand/


Verse 3
If I'm great at this pace then I'm facing a challenge/ pages full of hate/ my rage and my malice/ and life's just a test/ more or less/ and time just decides who surives/ more or less/ i could ball up from stress/ never balled over death/ shots called caused falls now they all losing breath/ and my heads gonna rest/ when it nods to my chest/ no rest for the wicked/ i'll retire in death/ so I work every breath to get more and lose less/ gotta dress everyday life's chess/ ask FRESH/ so I gotta ride dolo/ tints no peeking/ no speaking/ i dont need no reasons/ for haters to come close/ cuz cats'll cross you/ your homies'll off you/ lady luck will divorce you/ life happens/ gotta be prepared/ can't be scared/ be wise and be aware/ if you gonna BE HERE/



from Crisis, released November 16, 2013


all rights reserved



Monte SS Detroit, Michigan

Throughout the years, Monte has collaborated/partner with numerous artist and "groups". However, at this point in time Monte felt it was time to begin building for a solo career along with establishing a brand/name.

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