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Where am I at, sitting on the porch starring at the trees/ these niccas cross the street slang tree faithfully/ some dude flew in and started shooting last week/ so my pistol on my side in case I gotta shoot the breeze/ I try to keep my mom’s mind at ease like stay peaceful, but crossfire got me up late I can’t sleep folk/ Rhyming praying somebody hear me/ I’m lassoing my words hoping to bring crowds near ME/ My niggas like Chill you sound good though, but then niccas like why ain’t you go hood though/ It gets deeper then saying I’ll buss a cap n you, especially with a lifetime spent in the murder capital/ All that weight movin shit can wait shit, the rent’s due next month I could be in my mother’s basement/ to top that my wife might be pregnant, and my mindset is set on not using this weapon/ I’d be straight if my job wasn’t trying to fire me/ dropping resume’s and apps but ain’t nobody hiring/ I guess this is Karma for my sinning/ Opportunity knocking…oh wait that’s my engine/ Great another problem before I finish my sentence/ Can’t go nowhere so we back to the beginning/ sitting on the porch/ starring at the trees/ I know I said I’d quit, but I’ma have to blaze these/ Dump the guts out the cigarello as I fill the paper/ I think about the liars the haters the fakers/ my ex –group manager governor and mayor/ and then I heard my pops words…Verbatim/ If you never fight the battle how you know you couldn’t take em/ Stand strong son get over intimidation/ then I shed a tear thinking about his situation/ cuz it’s no way out and that hurt in the mental/ the same pain when a razor blade stabbed my temple, the same blood stained whether napkin or tissue/ Just missed a vein doc. Said it’s superficial/ but it’s cool I GOES hard NICCA WAY PAST THE WHISTLE!/ Work ethic yeah, but that’s just one issue, the rest are between the tear drops and the scribble/ Everybody wanna be different and do they own thang/ or fuck you over then act like they doin thangs/ Naw man you can keep you lil magazine/ $200 for a page and no one in that bitch been doin thangs/ guess I’m naïve I thought attentions what music brings/ all I got was tension/ and these fucking disses brutally/but luckily I’ma COCKY Bastard/ Better hope it ain’t me you performing after/ You underground niccas be on biyatch/ Y take your advice and you ain’t nowhere close to where I wanna be at?/ Maybe you fucked up lil nicca do you see that/ or was local hype the only aspiration reached at?/ bar for bar, word for word I defeat that, all this fuckin stress keep me motivated…BEAT THAT/ NICCA!/


from "Freshmen World" OLD ME! Volume 1, released February 28, 2011


all rights reserved



Monte SS Detroit, Michigan

Throughout the years, Monte has collaborated/partner with numerous artist and "groups". However, at this point in time Monte felt it was time to begin building for a solo career along with establishing a brand/name.

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